7 tips for the perfect holiday

We all love to go away on holiday. It's the perfect time to have fun and relax, have a break from our daily environment and recover from our (all too) busy lives.

It’s the ideal period to enjoy special moments with family and friends, and an excellent opportunity to take some time for yourself. Time to rest, time to think and time to learn.


How do you get the most out of your holiday?  

1. Improvise : Whatever you do, leave some space for the unknown. See how it goes, be open to what happens and follow your interest. Our lives are already full of plans and deadlines. Ditch the plan for once.

2. Learn and be curious : As the saying goes "A day without learning is like a day without breathing".  Wherever you are, observe the nature and people around you, study the local history, visit unique and beautiful places, read an inspiring book,  or watch a documentary. While you travel listen to podcasts or audiobooks, learn some words in the local language. Take time to go into deeper conversations with family, friends and even strangers.  

3. Recover : Mentally and physically. Do lots of things you enjoy, laugh and be playful. Take naps in the middle of the day. Relax.

4. Disconnect : Take a break from technology. Use it for the ‘basic’ things like calling to get together or taking pictures. Try staying away from social media and news sites.  Switch off your internet connection regularly or remove temporarily some apps like Facebook. 

5. Be alone : Go for a walk, sit somewhere quiet and alone. Take some time for yourself, away from family, friends and kids. Let your mind wander, ask yourself meaningful questions, reflect. 

6. Make exciting plans . Imagine the future, visualize what your life could be like. Write things down in a little book. Share it with someone who cares. 

7. Exercise : You thought you would get away without this one? The ideal holiday wouldn't be complete without a daily portion of exercise! It's one of the best feelings:  being active in an inspiring environment! Walk in the city,  bike in the woods, run on the beach,  play tennis with a friend, swim in the sea,...There's always a way and there is no end to this exciting list.

Holiday moments are not only moments to have fun with the people you care about. Holidays are also meant to take care of yourself. Next time you take some time off, try some (or all) of these 7 tips and see for yourself how good they feel. And when you do, share them with the world. Because great experiences are meant to be shared.