Who is on your team?

Your life is, of course, everything you do, think and feel. But is also highly impacted by what everyone around you does, thinks and feels.

Imagine for a moment your life to be like a sports team. The stronger your team, the better your outcomes. 

In the game called 'life' you have a double role to play: first, you are the most important player or Captain of your team. Then, you're also the most important decision maker: the Coach, deciding on the strategy. Who's on the pitch, and who's on the bench.  

  1. The Captain - the actor

Being the most important player on your team, you have naturally the biggest influence on its performance. 

But almost everything you do involves interacting with others. If you start looking at everyone around you as being important players, you'll realize how important it is to have your environment playing at their best in order to achieve the things you want.  

Just think of these moments when people close to you are not in great shape mentally or physically and how this affects you in many ways. This is how conflicts, lack of communication, selfish behavior, ... break the trust within your team, resulting in an environment where it's very difficult to thrive, with a focus on 'survival' and fear. And not on generosity and growth.

In order to have people around you be in great shape, you will have to spend time and energy to care for them and help them reach their potential. This is what real leaders do. 


2. The Coach - the decision maker

The decision maker decides who gets to play and who doesn't. Who should be part of your life and who should not? Who should help you in your day to day actions and decisions?  

Just like in any sports team, having the right players and staff onboard is critical and will determine if you win or lose. In our daily lives, this means putting high standards and allowing only the very best around you: the best accountant, banker, architect, lawyer, cleaning lady, babysitter, coach, doctor, physio, receptionist, sales person, ... 

As the Coach of your team, and being the most important decision maker, it's important to surround yourself well with quality people whose personal interest is aligned with yours. It's your job to select them well and to inspire them to help you. 

In searching, look deeper than the usual price and quality variables. Think of values and intentions, look for long-term partnerships, see the potential in people.  

There is a steep cost associated with bringing mediocre players on your team, and it's your responsibility. Not theirs. 

Think of life as a fun game where you get to play at your best and surround yourself with the ones that will help you be the champion of your life! And most importantly: enjoy the game! :-)